Awards / Recognitions

Royal was released on Google Play Store in September of 2017. Within just a few months after

it’s release, Royal has received more than 10,000 downloads. The icon pack app was also featured

on Design Nominees as “App of the Day” in October 2017. At that same time, Royal was featured

on Google Play Store in “Top New Paid Personalization”, ranking at number 4.

Color Palette

This was the first step to designing Royal. The icons consist of primarily (99%) of these shades

of purple. I choose “dull” shades because they seem to be more visibly appealing against

different phone backgrounds. There’s a small amount of icons that have a complementary color.

Icon Template

Almost every icon follows this template at 144px x 144px; with the exception of icons that I

chose not to give a background. Each icon with a background is either shaped as a rounded

rectangle or a circle. The purple parts of the template is the shadow. Every single icon has a

dark purple shadow at 100% opacity positioned at -9 X px & 9 Y px; perfectly angled.


Some icons I designed do not entirely follow the rules. To the left is Snapchat and to the right

is Pokémon: Magikarp Jump. Both of these icons do not have a background and Magikarp adds

a different complementary color. I added colors such as Gold to few icons to add some

diversity to an entirely purple icon pack. Nonetheless, both icons follow the shadow rule even

though they do not have the typical background.


These are the images I added to Royal’s Google Play Store page. Each image on the

Samsung phone is screenshots I took while applying Royal and using different launchers

and widgets. As you can see, the icons are smaller than normal; which was my intent with

this icon pack.