Pantone Icon Pack

The goal for this icon pack is to deliver beautiful pastel colored icons to any Android phone.

Both the main idea and challenge of this project is finding the right Pantone colors that

match the aesthetic of this icon packs goals. The colors, also, have to be very versatile;

meaning they have to be able to be easily viewed on a variety of wallpapers. At first, only

Pantone Pastels were used, however, they proved to be too faded— therefor CMYK

Pantones were added to the color pallette.


The template is fairly simple. It exclusively uses rounded rectangles and circles; no sharp

corners. Of course, there are exceptions! Some app icons don’t have the standard

rounded rectangle or circle background; a few (less than 15%) use a different shape 

instead. I’ll explain this more later on.


One of my favorite typefaces, Skolar Sans Latin, is used frequently throughout the icons.

Many icons use text, sometimes it’s just one letter with a solid color background. For the

most part, whenever I use text on an app icon, I use this beautiful font.

Color Palette

One of the most important assets of this project; the color palette! As mentioned before, it

was a challenge choosing from hundreds of different color choices and figuring out which

ones are the most visually appealing and versatile. Since this is still a working progress,

the colors used are constantly changing. Not all of the color swatches below will be used

for the icon pack, and more will be added. Regardless, they are all part of the Pantone family;

with the exception of the first 11 colors, from white to black.

App Icons

Below are some examples of the app icons used in this icon pack. As you can see, all of the

app icons follow a light, pastel colored palette which brings all of the icons together. Also, not

all of the icons follow the template rules exactly. Some icons, such as the first icon on the top

left, the email icon, does not use the templates circle or rounded rectangle. Instead, it breaks

through that rule to create a uniquely shaped icon that still has the aesthetic look of this project.

Also, keep in mind, that this project is still a working progress; these are not the finalized icons.

Alternative Icons


One of the very last steps to designing this app is making it presentable for the Google 

Play store; which includes a great app description and screenshots displaying why you

should use my app. These are the images I added to Pantone Icon Packs Google Play

Store page; which are screenshots I’ve taken with my own smartphone.